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At Steel Engineering Group, our team of in-house designers and structural engineers are experts in providing detailed solutions for structural improvements on existing structures or designs  of new structures. Our team of engineers provide practical reinforcement solutions for situations where members need additional strength to meet code requirements or when existing members have lost strength over time due to maintenance issues. 



Our modification design services include, but are not limited to:

  • Modification Design Drawings

  • Monopole Shaft Reinforcement 

  • Self Support Tower Reinforcement

  • Guyed Tower Reinforcement

  • Guyed Tower Re-Tensioning Design

  • Guyed Tower Guy Wire Replacement

  • Foundation Reinforcement

  • Foundation Replacement

  • Antenna Mount Reinforcement

  • Antenna Mount Replacement

  • Tower Maintenance Repair Drawings

  • Equipment Platform Design

  • Equipment Platform Reinforcement

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